Hardenbergplatz Palace

-Early February 2011 begins construction in the building and on the roof garden. -The Total area is to be reopened end of 2012. Living Centre and heart of the complex is the Bikinihaus: inside and outside, the roof terrace by hanging gardens on the facades and a shopping centre of a special kind. There is no artificial light shopping block, but a transparent Mall, which offers single – and prospects and offers an inspiring shopping experience not only a committed elite. The variety ranges from Berlin labels up to internationally renowned designers and brands. Also the layout of the land is varied: A centrally located market square for Pop-Up stores is flanked by individually tailored retail space, providing a suitable space for all tenants. With BIKINI BERLIN, we create not only a concept to the contemporary commercial use of urban real estate, but much more. We create a new space for the people and thus put an urban character, whose Qualitat is experienced every day.”so Dr.

Jurgen Bullesbach, Chairman of the Management of the Bavarian House construction. BIKINI BERLIN opening 2012. background information BIKINI was the historic Arch of Zoo Berlin BERLIN in 2002 by the Bavarian building purchased and integrated into the existing portfolio of about 200 real estate. The heritage-listed buildings include the Zoo, the Bikinihaus opposite the Memorial Church, the corner building on the Hardenbergplatz Palace, the small high-rise building and a Park House. After the signing of the urban Treaty in 2009, the Bavarian House construction the planning application submitted in August 2010 and a three-digit millions invested in the basic revitalization of the area. A total of 90,000 m m floor area counts BIKINI BERLIN, 70,000 m for the mixed use are reserved. A focus on the retail space. These will make up 60 percent of the mixed-use area. Another 20 percent are for the gastronomy, five percent of the area beauty, wellness and health, five percent for the theme of living, five Percent for specials and five percent for the area reserved technique.

Builders Level Consulting Creates Living Space At The Godelsberg In Aschaffenburg, Germany

Mirror House quality established Aschaffenburg, Germany – April 2009 as standard. The Godelsberg is considered most desirable residential area in the college town of Aschaffenburg. Where 160 years ago, vineyards, still secured support from 17 growers, today fine villas, spacious condos and trendy townhouses are located. More attractions are proximity to the city with Northern Bavaria’s largest shopping centre, picturesque parks and a romantic old town. This prime location also ensures a low supply of real estate. The carrier-building company, Spiegel Consulting GmbH sees itself in the fortunate position to exclusively offer a limited supply of barrier-free condominiums.

These three apartments are situated in the stone Street, so to speak in the heart of the Godelsberg. Downstairs caused approx. 130 sqm living area, on the first floor, there are 127 sqm and in the attic of 95 sqm. The exclusive residential building has a floor lift to meet barrier-free development. Plan consulting with mirror their personal dream house with high quality Materials and latest technology in Asch ape city’s best residential area. Individual needs are the focus here. ABOVE level CONSULTING with many years of experience in the massive house building into condominiums and investments, the company Spiegel Consulting GmbH offers guarantee for perfect planning and reliable realization of your dream.

Security, which is so important in building ensure thorough consultation and extensive personal service from the outset. Quality building materials and the special careful construction through our long-standing trade partners give you the certainty to get an excellent and stable quality for your money. Also, we are the right partner when you want to sell your property. Discretion, tact, and a world-class customer base of buyers guarantee the best marketing and price obtaining on the market. With the same care we take care also your personal search order. Over the years over built up Contact network allows us to be able to offer you your dream property short to medium term. Convince yourself! We, the company Spiegel Consuling GmbH enjoy high reputation. This means for you as a client: competence, solidity and construction management that you can rely on! How to contact with Spiegel Consulting GmbH Cranach 52 63739 Aschaffenburg Tel. 06021/9 10 51 fax 06021/9 10 52 web: eMail: info(at)spiegel-ab.de