Zucchini Salads

After days of excesses, it’s worth that we pay attention to our body and spend a little time. These weeks worth, consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Some more another less, all are cleansing and ideal for our body. If you live in temperate climates, it seeks to eat many salads based on lettuce of different colors and textures, with a bit of onion, celery, carrot, cabbage, asparagus, which are foods with important purifying properties. These salads can dress with a bit of oil, vinegar or lemon.

If on the contrary you inhabit in cold climates, the salads are perhaps not appetizing, if that is the case, you have a lot of vegetables that you can cook in the form of soups, creams or simply cooked steamed, grilled or baked. A simple trick depurative to contribute to the Elimination of toxins accumulated in the night is drinking water with a few drops of lemon in fasting and then water natural throughout the day. Although all fruits and vegetables are excellent foods that provide us with significant quantities of vitamins, minerals and fibre you mention some that is worth having at home in recent weeks: artichokes, excellent water treatment plants, diuretic, beneficamente acting on the liver, helping the secretion of bile, and in consequence the emulsification of fats and their corresponding elimination through urine, so that is also considered a diuretic food. Arguably the onion must be an indispensable in our kitchen ingredient, for his great contribution to the detoxification and circulation, also the parsley is good to encourage the Elimination of liquids, as well as being rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and antioxidants. Celery, can also be included in soups or salads, is an excellent diuretic, a grandmothers recipe is to combine it with onion in broth and seasoned with a little lemon juice, is a comforting and potent diuretic.

Asparagus are major source of fiber, excellent diuretic. Leeks, diuretics and laxatives. The beet is an excellent source of iron and antioxidants. A combination treatment and powerful is the mixture of beet, lemon, onion and garlic. Do not have a pleasant taste, but it is an excellent cleaner of kidneys and liver. Endeavour to resume quickly the good healthy eating habits that you acostumbrais, full breakfasts, five meals a day, food steamed, griddle, oven, light dinners and a bit of physical exercise to finish debugging at the Agency. Include easily digestible food for a few days to compensate for the exertion of the holidays. Foods with cleansing functions are many, but evidently are plenty of fruits and vegetables. We can make breakfast based on fresh fruits and some cereal. Among fruits, remember that pineapple is a powerful diuretic, Apple a debugger by excellence, citrus and grapes antioxidant and recuperative. Besides citrus fruits can be the basis of many combinations for natural, simple and delicious juices that you can prepare at home. Perform light meals-based salads include watercress, lettuce, artichokes, Zucchini, beets, celery, among others to improve digestion and eliminate toxins. Practice some days of fasting also is recommended and healthy in these dates, a fast well practiced and prepared, can give excellent results, leaving the rest to the digestive system, even if it is only one day. Remember consuming several glasses of fresh water every day.