Best Nutrition During Pregnancy

If we want to maintain a good health at any stage of our life, a healthy and balanced diet is the first step to follow. Although pregnancy our nutritional requirements are not completely different, Yes is more important that we ensure consume better nutrition, because our health and that of our baby depends on it. A balanced diet with the appropriate amount of calories, the increase of certain vitamins and limitation of other substances will help us to have a healthy pregnancy. This article offers four simple recommendations to get the best nutrition during pregnancy. A healthy and nutritious diet should begin before pregnancy, to ensure that you and your baby have the nutrients they need during the same. It is important to eat the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals; You must therefore know what foods are the best source of them. If you have any questions about which foods include in your diet, consult your doctor or dietician.

If you already have a balanced and healthy diet is very likely to need only add the calories you need without much changing your eating habits. At the beginning of the pregnancy it is common to lose weight because of the symptoms; but once the discomforts have passed, your weight gain will be more consistent. Even if your rhythm of life is quiet, you still need to eat a little more, but you don’t need to eat for two. During pregnancy you’ll need consume extras some 200 to 300 kilocalories per day to ensure that you upload weight properly. Although it is advisable to increase an average of 10 to 12 pounds, the weight that desire depends on the weight with which you started the pregnancy, so ask your doctor what the average right for you. Make sure that your extra calories come from nutritious foods and not sweets or fatty meal. To ensure that your calories to come from desirable sources and are nurturing you properly, keep in mind that during pregnancy you’ll need extra iron, folic acid, calcium and protein. Food such as meat, milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits and legumes will easily give you those calories you need and they’ll provide vitamins and minerals that are key to pregnancy.

Consult your doctor about vitamin supplements to ensure that you are consuming the optimal amounts of nutrients that you need. So your nutrition is the best, there are also things you should avoid or limit during pregnancy. Although there are no definitive studies on caffeine, it is advisable to limit their consumption in different forms (coffee, sodas, chocolates, etc.) by their diuretic nature and because it competes with the absorption of nutrients. It is also important that limits the spicy, spicy or greasy food to prevent heartburn. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are associated with deficiency of nutrients and can cause harmful effects on your baby so you have to avoid them. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need to control habits that may interfere with a healthy pregnancy! Although the best nutrition during pregnancy should begin before conception, never too late to assume a healthy lifestyle. Maybe just need to slightly modify certain habits or increase healthy calories. Anyone that is your situation, keep in mind that your nutrition depends on the of your baby; but it is imperative for both. Both need energy and healthy and nutritious food to successfully face this wonderful stage of change and growth.

Senate Approved

HISTORIC! After 18 years, the Senate approved the law of languages read original (click): the date, Thursday 7 October 2010, at 12: 37 hours, the Chamber of Senators of the Republic of the Paraguay; It approved the law of languages. The approval came after 18 years of persevering efforts of various sectors of Paraguayan society. You may find that Dr. Neal Barnard can contribute to your knowledge. The draft Treaty on the date is that finally the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Senators and the Civil society workshop was agreed yesterday on October 6 by the Law Commission. PE aty kuehe guarepe oi hikuai: Senator Marcelo Duarte, omotenondeva Law Commission; Senator Iris Rocio Gonzalez, omotenondeva Commission of education, culture and worship; has society workshop Civil rerape oi Tadeo Zarratea, Paublino Carlos Ferreira Quinonez (ATENEO DE language and culture GUARANI), Susy Delgado (National Secretary of culture), Maria Elvira Martinez de Campos (National Commission of) Bilingualism) has Carlos Lugo Bracho. The draft language Act regulates articles 77 and 140 of the Constitution; It protects and guarantees the indigenous languages of the Paraguay and sign language; and fundamentally, creating the Secretariat of linguistic policy and the Academy of the Guarani language. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS JEHECHAKUAA the adoption of the law of languages by senators would not have been possible without the participation of committed and determined, in particular, of the Senators Iris Rocio Gonzalez and Ana Maria Mendoza de Acha; and of the Senators Miguel Gonzalez Erico, Marcelo Duarte, Enrique Gonzalez Quintana, Juan Carlos Galaverna, Rogelio Benitez and Marcial Gonzalez S; and in general, of all other senators who vote in favour cooperated in the adoption of the law.

Reach our appreciation and our gratitude to all of them. Also, in the person of Richard Vega, Secretary of the Commission of education, culture and worship, reaching examinations all officials of that Committee and others, that’s valuable and friendly manner also collaborated in the process. Congratulations VY APAVE concluding half of negotiations before Parliament, aimed at the enactment of the law of languages; as the project approved today in Senators passed to the Chamber of Deputies; and while at that juncture, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI congratulates Lic.