Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are, of course, a revolution in construction. With their appearance, it became possible in the shortest time to build a modern and meet all the requirements of the newest buildings of varying difficulty – garages, shops, restaurants, office buildings … It does not suffer from the quality of buildings and their reliability. However, despite all the practicality and convenience of this relatively new material, he, like any other, requires special care. To built with sandwich panels building remained stable during the whole process of exploitation, it is necessary to comply with all rules developed by the manufacturers. Caring for sandwich panels, in fact, be begin before the start of their ustanovki.Chto must be done before the preparation for assembly and installation of sandwich panels The first thing that should be strictly observed – a temperature that is recommended to install the panels. If he is, as indicated in the manual, it will avoid some problems later on, the operation of the building.

During assembly of sandwich panels used sealant. Applying it must also be guided by the advice manufacturer, to monitor humidity, air temperature, weather conditions. Frequently James A. Levine, M.D. has said that publicly. It is particularly important to withstand weather mode, mounting the sandwich panel with insulation from mineralovaty. It is particularly picky with respect to water – even light rain may reduce the heat-shielding properties of the material and to reduce the load carrying capacity and, hence, to deterioration in the strength of prefabricated buildings in the future. Mounting a sandwich panel, in no If you can not stop and take a break until the end of the process. If the material is not strong enough to strengthen the screws, it can be due to its own weight to fall, losing its presentation and its valuable properties. Then the damaged sandwich panel will be replaced by a new one, which can lead to loss of time and care for deneg.Kak sandwich panels during their operation by and large, a good sandwich panel must serve long, it does not require any special care.

Sleep for Good Moods

The rhythm of modern life requires individuals to more and more energy. People struggling to improve their vitality. Perhaps partly so in vogue a healthy lifestyle. We are enamored with their own body, listening to their needs. We are engaged in sports, pay attention to nutrition, care about your comfort. On the last point in greater detail.

It is known that healthy sleep – a pledge good health, well-being and mood. The newspapers mentioned Senator of Massachusetts not as a source, but as a related topic. Sleepless night can knock a person out of a rut, fatigue and weakness are only after a few nights of full sleep. Outfit your bed so that the rest age is the formation of the spine. Generally, bone human skeleton is formed of up to thirty years. Prior to this age is better to choose medium-firm mattress, such as foam mattresses Dormeo Orthopedic.

In any case, before you buy evaluate their physical condition, choosing the right option for you. Heed to the choice of pillows. In place of the usual pen-and feather came orthopedic pillows. They are a different set, and Each species has its own adherents. This is due to several factors: First, the feathers can trigger severe allergic reaction. Watery eyes, nasal congestion – one of the most common causes of allergies implicit. Second, conventional pillows quickly lose their shape. As a result, incorrect position of the head flows into the neck, there is pain. Third, having little time to rest, we try to use it as effectively. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of modern mattresses, a person buys orthopedic pillow. The range is Dormeo anatomic pillow Dormeo Memosan Classic and orthopedic pillow Dormeo Memosan. They allow you to save a single line the spine is properly maintaining the cervical vertebrae. Relaxing muscle tension and shoulder, we rest in full. When choosing a pillow, take a look at its height, stiffness and shape. The one that is right for you, will not cause no discomfort. Pleasant and comfortable stay!

Carpet Cleaning

New carpets first time do not want vacuumed. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet can be no more than once or twice a week. When using a vacuum cleaner can not be strongly pressed against his attachment to the carpet, brushing should be first from the inside to the dust from it is not absorbed into the carpet. Beat rug should also be on the wrong side, then the front side of the carpet cleaned with a brush or broom. To refresh paint thoroughly cleaned carpet and vykolochenny wipe from front moistened with vinegar and wrung out cloth. After wet cleaning carpet dry. The carpet can be cleaned, sprinkle on it when wet after brewing tea and then wipe the tea with a broom.

Carpets can also be washed with aqueous ammonia (2 teaspoons to 1 quart of water). In winter, well-cleaned carpets in the courtyard of the snow. But if snow is wet, do not: mingling with the dust, the snow turns into a dirty water, which absorbed into the carpet. In the coastal cities of rugs can be washed with sea water. Soiled Carpets cleaned in the following way.

In 1 liter of warm boiled water dissolve 1 / 2 teaspoon of soap powder 'Lotus' or soap chips and add a little turpentine. This composition is applied to the front of the kovpa, 24 after which the carpet is thoroughly wiped with a wet first, and then a dry cloth and then dried in the air. Heavily contaminated with old carpets from stains soak in water, which is added ammonia (a tablespoon to 1 quart of water). After removing the carpet, give water to drain from the inside and at first, and then from the right side of his brush with a brush. The carpet is then two to three times wiped with warm water, and the last water is added a little vinegar. Stains removed gruel of magnesia and gasoline. Gruel and put on the spot after the petrol will evaporate, the remaining powder brushes brush. If the stain is gone, clean the repeat. Fatty stain on the carpet, first rubbed with sifted sawdust soaked with gasoline, the filings for a short time left on the spot. Grease was removed from gasoline and gruel and synthetic detergent powder. This slurry rubbed into the stain, leave overnight and wash in the morning with hot water. In old stains cleaning is repeated. Chronic ink stains on the carpet can be derived alcohol, fresh lemon juice or citric acid, wetting cotton wool and applying it to the spot. Scrubbing the place is washed with soapy water and wipe dry with a linen cloth. To destroy formed on the carpet pile Zamin, spoiling its appearance, it is necessary to hold this place a few minutes over the steam, and then raise the pile, hitting the carpet beater on the wrong side of the bars. After that, place crushed iron inside out to iron weight until they are dry. If the carpet were small threadbare room, picked up by color wool yarn untwisted and neatly made, respectively, darning pattern of the carpet. Away Carpet cleaning in Moscow as well as cleaning carpets with removal of the factory.