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Congress in Cologne Frankfurt, from 16 to 17 November 06.11.2013 – the world is always changing and offers daily new challenges, to achieve our own goals. The question of the own motivation is so inevitable, but it must be provided also. “What drives you” is the motto of this year’s economic Congress of Intercoiffure Germany. The Congress traditionally relies on impulse lectures and a healthy mix of lectures and workshops. To top speakers, interesting topics, and rewarding exchange of views among colleagues. The questions derived from the focus: what motivates us? Whose objectives are we really? How do we recognise that the goals are not third-party? Part of the Conference program is also a key figures comparison called Diamond Figures. This comparison is a collection of economic data of the Intercoiffure members, to identify how the Intercoiffure enterprises compared to the other Barber companies are set up. So queried various numbers to see how the sales composed and where the strengths of Intercoiffure. So queried for example, sales per employee, day and customer or color – care shares. “Using these values that want to appear Intercoiffure Germany proof, consider Intercoiffure members in economically successful are than the average of the industry”, so Managing Director Herbert j. Kotter. We say that indeed longer, want that with Diamond Figures also show and quite specific strengths or profiles highlight”, Kakar said. In addition to the benefit for the collective, the key figures comparison for Intercoiffure members of course has an individual benefit by all participants get comparative values for the own work, in which they can measure their own. For the implementation and evaluation of key figures comparison it has recruited Intercoiffure Germany the management consultant and coach Udo Brand. Fire was most recently Director of management service Barber the Wella externally and has worked for 26 years as a Management consultant, trainer and seminar leader in the hairdressing industry. For Udo Brand, the key figures comparison of Intercoiffure offers many interesting approaches. The existing operating comparisons of the industry portray their complete cross-section. Here we can see where it creates an elite group, to enforce their higher prices”, says the longtime industry analyst. Intercoiffure and interested Premiumfriseure are cordially invited to participate actively in the event on November 16th and 17th. More information and registration form under or in the Intercoiffure office phone: 069 / 415059.


Hypnosis practice – offers all interested parties an open day – hypnosis in Munich at the Stachus Auch in the year 2014 host world hypnosis day worldwide hypnotists and supplier of hypnotherapy. The event to educate interested hypnosis, reconnaissance work on the subject of hypnosis, and hypnotists give the opportunity to exchange ideas. Focus, people who are interested in hypnosis and the possibilities offered by this wonderful form of therapy, are again this year. Hypnotherapy, a form of therapy psychotherapy, is scientifically recognized since 2006. It is one of the most effective and safest procedures. Typical application areas include smoking cessation, weight reduction, return, stress management, treatment of fears and phobias, strengthening self-confidence and coaching.

Supplier of hypnotherapy must have a State permit for salvation. With the new practice in the Elm Street 2 / 3.OG in the center of Munich, participates for the first time Ulrich Eckardt, owner the hypnosis practice, the world hypnosis day. “Due to our central location, right at the Stachus, and thus good accessibility for visitors, we see us obliged to participate in the world hypnosis day, the 04.01.2014, and to do educational work. People think of hypnosis, you often notice scenes of show hypnosis. Of course, this kind of hypnosis is not practiced in our practice.

The practice is purely about Hypnotherapy”, so Ulrich Eckardt, practitioner for psychotherapy,”using Hypnotherapy positive changes in humans can be quickly achieved. These changes allow the clients to enjoy a balanced, healthier, more successful and more fulfilled life.” World hypnosis day, the day of the open door, are experts in hypnosis practice for all questions about hypnosis available. From 10:00 to 18:00 relaxation hypnosis are every 30 minutes (limited capacity, if necessary is to calculate waiting times) offered free of charge. Contact: Ulrich Eckardt practitioner for psychotherapy Hypnosis practice Tel.: 089 / 41 61 22 46 sonnenstrasse 2 / III. stock 80331 Munich hypnosis Ulrich Eckardt: Hypnotherapist, Certified practitioner, is limited to the field of psychotherapy, offers in his practice in Munich, the classic hypnosis, relaxation, coaching, Burnout prevention and other therapies. Topics of hypnosis are E.g. stop smoking with hypnosis (non-smoking with hypnosis), weight reduction, treatment of anxiety, psychosomatic diseases treatment, repatriation (regression therapy).