As nobody gave job for children I entered for the recycling. Then in it looked liters, bottles, aluminum, has covered, bronze and it resold them in the city. Thus I remained for much time, and I always kept my studies with my proper money. With the time this material was being scarce and then I started to vender bread in a bakery and was there for much time, later I left for another bakery. After this I made friendship with a besieger who delivered to all the bananas to me to vender. I had much luck and I obtained a good one resulted with this.

For this time I discovered great farmings abandoned in the city with banana, papaya, maxixe, tomatoe, fruits, palmitos. With this material I passed some years and thanks to God he gave a good money to me. Becoming scarce this material I started to work with artesanato being produced diverse Pipes, paintings, abajures and other parts. Also vendi them very well. I passed later I pan to it and caught gold, diamond and carbonate. I confess that I made much money I pan in it and empreguei all the money in the studies buying my proper pertaining to school material.

I made the first degree of 5. 8.srie all I pan in it and still me money sobrava. Before to finish the first degree, the director of the school came in to my to search me house to work with it as Secretary. It was my first public job. I worked with it 4 years following and made mine all 2. Degree. Come for Cuiab I gave vestibular contest and I entered in the UFMT. I transferred my job to here and here I continued for plus one year and I started to give lesson. I made the course of Right and Theology and made more two courses of specialization.

It Takes Care Of Of You

It takes care of Yesterday of you received the visit from two sisters. We talked livened up calmly when we were surprised by an enormous racket and the shout of desperation of my wife.I ran to the room, it came to my meeting crying with our son – of 1 year and nine months at the time – in the almost disaccorded col and crying with difficulties. I received it, I leaned its rostinho in my chest, whispered-he some words trying to reanimate it, closed the eyes and quiet I prayed delivering to all the situation in the hand Mr. Deus. Suddenly, my mother-in-law appeared in the door of the scared room, therefore of its house, in from above floor, it she heard the strong boom.

The tumble was exactly ugly. My haiva son fallen of the bed and violently beaten the head in the soil; therefore felt the head and the coasts to ache. It cried and with difculdade he remained waked up. We call a taxi. The sisters if had fired and before leaving we pray. My wife and I was to the clinic.The doctor examined who it asked for that we were taken off rays X of the head and the coasts. We were worried about the skull, the brain and the column. We were directed to the place where we would make rays X and our baby would take some medicines.

Some minutes later pediatra it confirmed what my heart already wise person: ‘ ‘ its son is well. Thanks to God! ‘ ‘ – the doctor said smiling. I praise the God for having protecting my son. I praise the God why when I fail it takes care of of me and whom loves. I am grateful the God for its care and love. During all the time, while my wife and its mother cried I did not lose the control, exactly seeing the preoccupying one been of my small son I remained calm and calm. Although she did not understand, wise person accurately who was in the control of the situation: I believe in an alive God who hears, it says, it consoles, it frees and it protects its dear, therefore I am well certain that nothing of serious it happened to my son because Mr. exempted it to Jesus. I am certain of that It also takes care of of you, believes, does not import which they are the circumstances, they always decide to believe. It does not lose the faith, exactly when everything making to doubt. God it exempted my son, It takes care of of us. It thinks about this! It made you difference in my life yesterday. Would not like you deix-Lo to make difference in your life today? A fort I hug and I am with Jesus. Why with Christ you can always Make difference in the life of somebody.


It haunt today me with as much easiness in searching Internet information, sees that contradiction, the more available the truths less of them we make use. I go to transcribe some reasons for which we must attempt against in the transistion of our habits. I found in the Internet, without very effort. ' ' the 1) tip is that such to make swimming, after all it also moves with diverse muscles and places of our body, 2) beyond leaving relaxed. 3) The water is a beneficial good for our body, therefore it is relaxante, favors the functions organic and not yet she possesss aggressive effect to our body.

4) Swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, the heart is stronger, you loses fat and gains more muscles, 5) the blood pumps for the entire body with much more easiness, 6) reduces the cardiac frequency, 7) stimulates the sanguineous circulation, 8) fortifies the joints, 9) the muscles increase of size, aid in the protection of the ligaments and tendes, 10) exercise all the joints, 11) potencializa flexibility, 12) alliviate pains that are caused by artrose, 13) improve the respiratory system, 14) go up the auto one esteem, 15) the person if it feels more independent and insurance, 16) the water allows the freedom of the movements, 17) reduces pain, 18) reduces the risk of injuries, 19) delays the effect of the aging, 20) facilitate the mental relaxation and etc. The indicated one is children to start to make physical swimming or exercises since small, therefore 21) assists in the growth of the child. It is also indicated that people of the third age practise swimming or hidroginstica. What it said soon there behind is that the illness if installs first in its mind, with masked unhealthy thoughts of daily wisdom that will go to lead to the physical illnesses. The danger of this is that we will always be ready to enroll an interminable series of reasons ' ' because we cannot fazer' ' , when the rational would be to accept the fact of that we are not knowing to think as it would have.

Brazil Book

To the times the neighbors asked for some loaned to it and they did not return. Then old Zuza was nervous. Certain day a boy came, the control of the father, to ask for loaned the hand saw to it, what the old one answered: – Boy, return and say your father who, comes if it comes was and came comes, it comes went, but as go-and-he comes goes and he does not come, go-and-come not vai' '. Unhappyly I did not obtain I discovered who is the author of the text, but I remember that in the layer of the book it had some regions of Brazil in a map colorful: it had a seringueiro in a tip, a cattle tender in the other, a man of wide pants (gaucho) and so on. I arrested the attention in the name of the book We go to study! This age a species of invitation, I also know that the author was Teobaldo Miranda Saints and the book published for the Publishing company TO ACT. I was learning to see details with books of my brothers and learned the decorated texts, me to appear ' ' saliente' ' my father said smiling. In the nights of they will be, while the workers of roa waited the hour to sleep, threshing maize, my older brother, the order of mine, father, sat down in a chair, the greater pachorra, and read ' ' romances' ' of Twine literature ****, that my father always bought in the fair. I remember the first one that I decorated the romance of the Kingdom of the Sea Without End these rhymed texts help in the memorization and in this I always was very good. Therefore I refer myself what Cezar Coll regarding the learning says: ' ' they show that the peculiar combination between equality and mutuality created in the diverse approaches, make with that each one particularly is adjusted to carry through one definitive type of learning.